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Art helps you travel different places, feel different emotions and connect forever.

Ants and Spiders work with multiple mediums to create outstanding art pieces in the form of Murals, Sculptures, Canvas paintings and wall arts as per the location and your requirement. We are a group of curated artists from Hyderabad who are known for their best mural arts, relief arts, wall paintings, graffiti, sculptures and canvas paintings.

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Make your walls speak for you - Mural artists in Hyderabad

Any piece of artwork applied or painted directly on the wall, ceiling or any other surface is referred as Mural. Murals work best when you want your boring walls to speak up. Our services include Mural Artwork, relief artwork, 3D wall art, street art, wall arts/paintings for schools, homes and offices. Simply choose the size you need and we’ll offer the best wall mural depending on the environment and your needs.

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Sculptures are made keeping the perceiver in the mind - Sculpture artists in Hyderabad

Sculpting a meaningful statue out of big blocks never goes out of style. Everyone finds a different meaning in the statues, sculptures, relief artworks they see. We make sure the essence and the meaning is captured by using various materials such as wood, bronze, brass, copper, fiber, aluminium, resin and stone.

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When words give up, art makes its way - Canvas painting in Hyderabad

At Ants and spiders, our utmost desire is to Awe the art lovers with unique and breathtaking paintings. Our artists are committed to provide trendsetting paintings to stay one notch above everything. Popular art works we can indulge in are Abstract art, Conceptual art, Hyperrealism, Pop art, Futurism, impressionism, oil painting, watercolor painting, Pastel painting, Acrylic painting, Digital painting, Sand painting, and Spray painting.

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About our Artists

Our artists hail from different places with amazing stories to create, craft and paint. They carry the legacy of storytelling through art for years with experience and perfection. We believe art can be used to change the world; hence all our artworks are marked by purpose, clarity and intention.

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